Below is a list of testimonials by previous and ongoing clients of Tall Tree Recording Studios.

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“After some enquiries and research I decided to record my latest album “The Spanish Guitar” at Tall Tree Recording Studios with producer Jeremy Williams . The final recorded product is warm, dynamic, crystal clear and emotive. Jeremy applied himself beyond 100% displaying great musicality, dedication and complete expertise in capturing sound. I would highly recommend Jeremy Williams and Tall Tree Recording Studios to any musician after a professional result with maximum comfort and no stress.”

~ Daniel Cunnington, Classical Guitar




Track Room | Tall Tree“Upon arriving I immediately noticed the great atmosphere and the beautiful boutique mixing and recording equipment.  Together with Kiel Hames as engineer, the sessions ran perfectly and ended up sounding great! From experience, I can thoroughly recommend Tall Tree as an excellent choice for recording just about any type of music.  With its large live room, fantastic atmosphere, man eating chicken ! and professional service its a sure bet”

~ Simon Gardner (guitarist and producer)



“tall tree recording studios, you guys are amazing and have helped me grow to who i am musically today. I certainly wouldn’t be doing what I am today if you guys didn’t help guide me into the right direction. To my producer Jeremy Williams, you are a great guy and a great fun to be with in the studio, you also have great advice and know what sounds great on the album. Thanks for all of your help, will be recording my next album with you guys soon!”

~ Andy Allan (singer/songwriter)



Tall Tree Recording Studios | Keys | Testimonials“Tall Tree Recording Studios was the perfect place to record my very first EP. From the initial planning stage, to tracking down quality session musicians, recording, then mixing and mastering the final product, producer Jeremy Williams was both professional, encouraging and highly supportive throughout the entire process. I stepped into the studio with some basic demos, and walked out with a collection of songs that I am truly proud of. I would recommend Tall Tree Recording Studios to any musician or band looking to record with a studio that cares about their clients and pays close attention to those finer details that many other studios overlook.”

~ Carly Bennett (singer/songwriter)



“I’d never been in a recording studio before and wanted to put together an ep of some of my songs.  I found Tall Tree through the Web and had a chat with Jeremy Williams thereabout the project and some of my fears about what wasinvolved.  Jeremy was very supportive from the outset and we worked out a forward-looking plan for the project, and one which fit my budget!
Jeremy was most encouraging all the way and I felt very confident from the start that we would achieve a good result with my songs.  He was able to assemble a fine ensemble of session players who played to the songs just the way I wanted.  Their work is a standout on the finished product; I couldn’t be happier. The studios have a very cosy and relaxed atmosphere, away from the city hustle and bustle.  It was easy to fit in to the warm environment there.  Jeremy is pretty laid-back but his focus and attention to detail never waivers.  He’ll do the right thing by you and he always has a positive outlook about the direction things are taking. My ep has is done and is available for purchase!  It sounds pretty darn good too.  The production of recording is first class and of international standard. I’d be happy to recommend Tall Tree Recording Studios to anyone with a recording project in mind.”

~ Tony McCall (singer/songwriter) 16/05/2013



Tall Tree Recording Studios | Testimonials“I really enjoyed the recording experience at Tall Tree it was like a magical country escape, when you emerged from the driveway back into the city you had to shake your head. I liked the recording room too, it has the vibe of a country house, I felt relaxed and at home there, nice people, great result and a great experience.”

~ John Fegan (singer/songwriter and Rough Red)

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