At Tall Tree Recording Studios, we aim to provide sweet, warm, analogue and vintage sounding tones using the gear we’ve collected over the years.

  • Starting with 90 cubic metres of tracking space on beautiful solid wood floors.Tall Tree Recording Studios | Gear | Recording | Studio | Tracking Room
  • We have beautiful handmade Beez Nees microphones as well as others by Sennheiser, AKG and Shure.
  • A Lynx Aurora16 converts the sound to and from digital with pure precision and no tainting of the original signal.
  • An iMac with a quad-core i5 processor that can easily handle 30+ tracks, all with class-A plugins giving loads of tonal options like natural reverbs, distortions etc.
  • We are running Pro Tools 12 recording software with a range of high quality plug-ins from the likes of Waves, Lexicon, UAD and Slate.
  • Monitoring is through very high quality Event Opal studio monitors that let you hear every breath and every detail so that there will be no surprises on your final product.
  • Mixing (and tracking) through a 32 channel sweet sounding Yamaha PM2000 vintage console.

Instruments available on special request (extra fee for instrument rental):

  • Casio weighted MIDI controller
  • Handmade acoustic guitars by Des Anthony
  • Fender Twin Reverb guitar amplifier (silverface 70’s)
  • Musician electric guitar
  • B-Bender Fender Telecaster
Tall Tree Recording Studios | Vibes | Gear
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